Italy And The Diaspora: To Leave Or Not To Leave?

Jan 10, 2019 247

Italy is a country that weeps for its residents that go to live abroad. Every year, countless space in broadsheets is dedicated to the phenomenon of the ‘cervelli in fuga’ or ‘brain drain’, which alludes to the flight of highly skilled professionals for better career prospects elsewhere in Europe or in the world.

The use of the term is highly emotional and has been used more widely to describe the country’s loss of large segments of its youth, highly skilled or not, who, discouraged by the current socio-economic climate, have voted with their feet. While a permanent brain drain of highly skilled professionals may lead to the decline in the fortunes of innovative and R&D dependent sectors, which are strategic for the preservation of a highly competitive economy, the loss of any young potential earner is always detrimental, given the inability to fund an increasingly unsustainable pension system which is hampered by a demographic pyramid that is skewed towards old age.

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