Italy Plus Tours: Not your Typical Tour Guides

Nov 08, 2018 367

There are thousands of travel agents and tour guides that specialize in trips to Italy. However, there are not many like Giovanni Catalano and MJ Parri of Italy Plus Tours. Certainly, they, like the thousands of others, guarantee their clients will receive the best experience in European travel, especially to Italy. However, what sets them apart is not only their love for their home country, but their goal to ensure that each and every traveler experiences that same feeling on their trip.

While the “Plus” in Italy Plus Tour’s name technically means that travelers get to experience Italy plus other European countries, after talking to the company for just a few short minutes one will realize it means much more than that. Sure, a client can choose a pre-determined tour listed on their website, for example a 13-day itinerary through Spain, Italy and France, however, what that client may not realize is that many surprises could await. Perhaps there is a music concert that the partners feel the tour clients would enjoy – one that was not on the original itinerary. There is a good chance the group will sing and dance the night away at the show. Any chance Italy Plus Tours can get to go that extra mile for their tour groups, they do. And it happens on almost every tour!

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