Italy, the crucial player in NATO’s new strategic frontier

May 18, 2016 523

Italy's Minister of Defense Roberta Pinotti explains Italy's potential in peace and security matters should the country become the next non-permanent member of the UN Security Council for 2017 and 2018.

Italy has lent its full support to the United Nations (UN) since becoming an member of the organization in 1955 and is the top Western contributor to its peacekeepers (often referred to as blue berets or blue helmets because of their distinctive protective headwear), and is also among the largest contributors to the UN's regular and peacekeeping budgets. It is also deeply committed to contributing towards stabilization of crisis areas and to defending and promoting human rights and sustainable development wherever needed. Speaking to United World, Italy's Defense Minister analyzes the country's critical contribution to securing one of the hottest regions worldwide, the Mediterranean.

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