Italy-U.S., from AmCham's Transatlantic Award Gala excellent signals

Dec 07, 2023 868

Vice-Premier and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani honored on Dec. 4 in Milan at the "Transatlantic Award Gala Dinner" organized by the American Chamber called transatlantic relations "fundamental" while "the United States, together with Europe, is the pole star of our foreign policy." The tone of such relations was evident throughout the evening, with the traditional expanse of tables crowded by the cream of Italian-American business and the level of attendance.

A "magical moment," Mariangela Zappia, Italy's ambassador to the U.S., called it, speaking at the Milan event. The head of mission thanked in English her colleague Jack A. Markell, U.S. ambassador to Italy whose presence was highly anticipated and an important and encouraging sign. Tajani himself in his speech thanked Markell for his "work in Italy. We are very happy for this cooperation. We want to work with you."

"It is a pleasure to see you here with us, we have missed you Mr. Ambassador, but you are here, and you are the best," Zappia said. As well as emphasizing "the great opportunities for our business" in the US. "When I travel to the U.S., from Detroit to San Francisco, from Philadelphia to Boston, I see that there is a gigantic potential waiting for our companies, our business, our technology," said the head of mission. Italian business "is a little bit everywhere but I think we can do even more." Addressing then the Italian entrepreneurs and companies in the room, the diplomat added, "I believe that your presence in the United States is a catalyst, even of something we need to improve: American investment in Italy. There is still a big space to be covered. And I am sure we can do it together."

"At such a geo-politically complex moment in history, the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy bears plastic witness to how strong diplomatic and economic relations between the United States of America and Italy generate encouraging results with a view to a positive and purposeful future," said Luca Arnaboldi, president of AmCham Italy. "Thanks to the involvement and awareness of leading international companies, attentive to all those changes that see inclusion, environment and sustainability at the center of an increasingly innovative approach of doing, today it is possible to look forward to a promising and fruitful tomorrow. Transatlantic business activities have further grown, the United States is among the most significant investors in our country, showing how Italy is becoming more and more capable of integration, even in the North American market with numbers in perennial growth and consolidation. Special thanks also to the American and Italian institutions that constantly and effectively support us in our efforts to be an indispensable reference point for American interests in Italy in our country and Italian interests in the U.S., in the solemn hope that 2024 may be a year of peace, prosperity and sustainable development."

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