Italy’s Emilia Romagna region roars as Modena Cento Ore celebrates supercars

Jul 11, 2017 906

BY: Jacquie Kubin

Steve McQueen famously said: “Life is racing. Everything else is just waiting.” In June, more than 100 drivers and their crews of the Italian motoring club proved the actor right. The Modena Cento Ore, an annual road rally race through the Northern Italian “Motor Valley” that lies between the Adriatic Sea and the Mediterranean, ended as per tradition in the Piazza Grande in Modena, Italy, a city on the south side of the Po Valley.

Celebrating its 17th annual race, the Modena Cento Ore brought classic cars including Ferrari, Jaguar, Austin Healy, Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo and even an American Ford Shelby Cobra 289 to participate in classic motorsport and tourism as they raced along breath-taking landscapes, the spectators stopping to enjoy great museums, regional food and wines.

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