Italy’s smallest village welcomes a new birth: 33 inhabitants and a baby girl

Feb 11, 2024 508

BY: Francesco Paladini

The story of Monterone is an incredible tale: this tiny Italian village, nestled in the province of LeccoLombardy, celebrates the arrival of a new member of its community. With only 33 residents, Monterone holds the record as Italy’s smallest village. This recent birth, a baby girl named Marta, brings joy to a village struggling against demographic decline and an aging population.

In the 1920s, Monterone boasted a population of 399 inhabitants, but since then, it has steadily declined. However, in the last five years, the municipality has seen a renewed interest in village life, with three new births, including Marta’s. This sudden increase in the birth rate has even led to discussions of a baby boom.

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