Itinerary in Liguria, to the discovery of its Made in Italy artisanal excellences

Aug 27, 2021 503

BY: Alexandra Amico

Liguria’s location, close to the Apennines, lets the sea meet the mountain in a multitude of breathless landscapes. In addition to the popular culinary specialties such as pesto alla genovese, focaccia or chickpea farinata, the brand “Artigiani in Liguria” (artisans in Liguria) represents several excellences produced in the region, from goldsmith to textile art. Perfect for a weekend escape or for a traveling holiday around its towns, here is a short itinerary in Liguria, at the discovery of its most charming places.

Capital of the region, Genoa boasts a very characteristic town centre: a maze of alleys that go back to the Middle Ages, among which is the famous Via del Campo sung by Fabrizio de Andrè, that leads to wonderful squares, such as Piazza della Vittoria and Piazza De Ferrari. The streets teem with craft shops, and those that are particularly worth mentioning are the goldsmith ones. 

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