'It's in my DNA': La Dolda brings artisanal pasta to Lexington

Jun 09, 2020 886

BY: Ross Cristantiello

Every time Matteo Gallizio finishes ringing up a customer at La Dolda, Lexington’s new artisanal pasta shop, he asks for one thing. “I’m looking for feedback,” he says as his small storefront becomes crowded during one of La Dolda's first true lunch-hour rushes. “The good, the bad, all of it.”

For Gallizio, whose store on Massachusetts Avenue has been open for about a month, the comments from customers on his product are essential. They allow him to keep tweaking, keep innovating, he said. In fact, the response and feedback he could garner in Lexington was one of the key factors that drew him and his business to town.

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SOURCE: https://bedford.wickedlocal.com/

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