Joe and Marilyn

Dec 04, 2021 943

BY: David J. Domino

Baseball legend Joe DiMaggio married Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe on January 14, 1954. They were married in Saints Peter and Paul Church in the North Beach section of San Francisco, where the Yankee Clipper lived for many years as a youngster, with his Sicilian family. 

Monroe and DiMaggio constantly fought while on their honeymoon in Japan. While they were in the Land of the Rising Sun, Monroe was asked to entertain our troops in Korea. DiMaggio was upset about her wanting to leave him to entertain the soldiers, but Monroe went anyway. That made the Yankee Clipper upset about the career of his new wife.

Monroe would also spend her nights out meeting new people and DiMaggio would stay at home waiting for her arrival. They decided to get a divorce in October 1954. The famous blond bombshell accused DiMaggio of mental cruelty, but DiMaggio only wanted her to dress more appropriately in photographs and to be around him more often. 

In 1956, Monroe married playwright Arthur Miller, yet they separated in 1960. The seperation made her extremely depressed and she began suffering from insomnia. Three months later, Monroe admitted herself to a psychiatric clinic. DiMaggio was the only person who came to her rescue, ordering the staff to release her from the facility and even taking her on a trip to Florida to relax from her painful experience. 

While together, Joe promised to be more patient with her and stuck by his promise. The two of them remained in contact with each other and Joltin' Joe was her go-to guy whenever she felt depressed. 

Unfortunately, Monroe ended up  drinking alcohol excessively and using cocaine. She also allegedly had affairs with President John F. Kennedy and his brother Bobby. Even after all that, DiMaggio still supported her. They remained very close until Monroe's death from a drug overdose at the age of 36 in 1962. DiMaggio never fully recovered from her death and blamed Frank Sinatra and the Kennedys for the way she turned out.

Her body was claimed by DiMaggio, who also arranged the funeral at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery. He banned Sinatra and other famous celebrities from the funeral. DiMaggio never remarried. He also made sure Monroe’s grave was always covered in fresh flowers, especially on her birthday. 

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