Joe Pace inspires book character

Jun 22, 2013 1201

by Nick Malfitano

Saugus - Local businessman Joe Pace is the inspiration for a character in the book "Tonino: The Adventures of a Boy/Cricket from Boston's North End," written by entomologist and University of Massachusetts at Amherst professor John G. Stoffolano, Jr.

Stoffolano's tale revolves around a young boy/cricket creature named Tonino, who resides with his family in Boston's North End. Though he loves life in his hometown, he wants to journey outside the walls of Boston, explore his family roots and see the rest of the world. Tonino's journey brings him to Italy, where he learns that his ancestor was Grillo Parlante (a.k.a. Jiminy Cricket), the talking cricket charged with guiding Pinocchio as his conscience.

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