Joe Piscopo Weighs-In on Glen Rock's Columbus Day v. Indigenous Peoples' Day Possible Calendar Change

Apr 27, 2019 611

Joe Piscopo weighed-in on Glen Rock's consideration to change Columbus Day on its 2020 Borough Calendar to Indigenous Peoples' Day. Piscopo, former Saturday Night Live comedian and an Italian-American who regularly talks about his heritage on his radio show, Piscopo In the Morning on 970AM The Answer, asked why Glen Rock "would do something like this?"

"There are these great towns in New Jersey and then they do something like this?" Piscopo said. "You have to be true to your heritage," Piscopo said this morning on his radio program. "Now you're going to take it away. What are these people thinking? Don't tell me, must be the democrats." "Keep your heritage alive, embrace it, love it," Piscopo said.

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