Jovanina's Brings "Broken Italian" to Downtown Denver

Oct 13, 2018 658

BY: Mark Antonation

Another Italian restaurant? Well, not exactly. Restaurateur Jennifer Linzinmeir and her husband and business partner, Jake Linzinmeir, have something just a little different in mind. That's why they're calling their new eatery Jovanina's Broken Italian, slated to open next week at 1520 Blake Street. "The name gives people direction, but it won't be red sauce, gingham tablecloths or Chianti bottles," Jake explains.

Jennifer, who is also a co-owner and managing partner of the Red Lion in Vail, comes from an Italian family who have called her Giovannina for her entire life. That was the original name of the restaurant, but after realizing that the spelling and pronunciation were a little tricky for non-Italians, she and Jake simplified it to Jovanina's and added "Broken Italian." The name is appropriate, given Jovanina's overall vibe.

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