Kartell Is Releasing a Sustainable Version of Its Iconic Componibili Storage Units

Jun 19, 2019 433


An iconic piece of Italian furniture is getting a sustainable makeover. Italian designer Kartell has announced a new version of its immensely popular Componibili storage unit made of biodegradable plastic, reports Dezeen. The updated, “fully sustainable” unit—a first for the company—is the result of a collaboration between the Noviglio-based company and Italian bioplastic producer, Bio-on.

The new Componibili is constructed entirely of a new bioplastic made from agricultural waste. Named CL, after Kartell President Claudio Luti, the material is made of natural polyesters called linear polyhydroxyalkanoates that are produced when farm waste is fermented by bacteria. While the company claims that the material will be resistant to breakdown by heat and water, they also promise it will be fully biodegradable on soil or in a body of water.

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SOURCE: https://robbreport.com/

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