L'Ultima Tonnara-Mattanza (The Last Tuna Massacre) at the Italian American Museum

Apr 26, 2016 833

You are cordially invited to attend a screening of Dr. Philip Singer's award-winning documentary film entitled, "L'Ultima Tonnara-Mattanza (The Last Tuna Massacre)" at the Italian American Museum on Thursday evening, April 28th at 6.30 pm.

Dr. Singer will present a 23-minute edited DVD version of the two-hour documentary as well as excerpts from the larger DVD. The documentary is based on the 1966 tuna catch season in Favignana, an island off the coast of Sicily. For each of the 22 days of preparation leading to the Mattanza there are 63 men from the village of Favignana, Sicily participating. The tuna are captured during Spring migration in a series of underseas nets that are slowly raised to the surface where they are gaffed and hauled aboard a boat. The film was awarded the Premio Pitre of the international study of anthropology - Giuseppe Pitre-Salvatore Salamone - Citta di Palermo.

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Source: http://ilregno2s.blogspot.it/


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