La Bella Vita: Vacationing in Italy for 8 weeks

Sep 10, 2019 242

BY: Jordana Castelli

My summers are a bit different than the average East Coast girl. I was born in Italy, lived there until the age of five and have a father who does not have his green card (despite 25 years of marriage to an American). Due to these circumstances, every June my family and I embark on a long journey to the southern tip of Italy, specifically the island of Capri. 

Let me start by saying Italy is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The antique villages with traditional architecture, the delicious handmade pasta and the breathtaking art in museums are all gems that Italy has to offer. You can choose to learn about the history and go to the opera house or simply swim in crystal clear water and eat pasta every day. The absolute best of both worlds. 

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