Lady Gaga takes honesty to new level on behalf of mental health with Oprah

Jan 08, 2020 400

BY: Tresa Patterson

Lady Gaga and Oprah have a lot in common when it comes to sharing truth from their stages. Both women have transcended their own personal stories to become beacons of help and hope to millions of others. Both have extended themselves from their initial callings—Oprah to television and the reinvention of the talk show, and Stefani Germanotta to music and her performance identity which defies genre or category.

Lady Gaga and Oprah are world-recognized business entrepreneurs. Lady Gaga’s newest eye shadow palette was one of the biggest selling items on Amazon this holiday season. Oprah’s OWN network offerings continue to be in high demand, while simultaneously developing new writers, directors, and showrunners across genders and colors in the industry. 

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