Lake Orta: The hidden gem of the Italian Lakes

Aug 05, 2022 71


When you think of the Italian Lakes, glorious Lake Como may come to mind first. Or maybe the majestic Lake Maggiore or Lake Garda. They represent sheer Italian elegance and conjure images of the Clooney clan drifting around in idyllic surroundings. Yet lying to the west of these blockbuster lakes is Lake Orta in the Piedmont region – a smaller lake popular with in-the-know Italians.

Lake Orta is arguably one of the most heavenly spots in northern Italy. Set in peaceful surroundings in the foothills of the Alps, there’s plenty to explore in the area, including its famous sister lakes – Como and Maggiore. You can hop to Switzerland for day trips, explore lush gardens, sip coffee in grand piazzas and meander through the alleyways of little villages. Then return to Lake Orta for evening strolls and alfresco dining as you admire the shimmering lake in the evening.

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