Lake Worth Beach city commissioner wants to eliminate Columbus Day

Sep 16, 2020 242

BY: Albert Pefley

A local elected official wants to do away with Columbus Day, which is observed the second Monday in October. Omari Hardy, a city commissioner in Lake Worth Beach, says Christopher Columbus is not someone who deserves a holiday. It's often said that Christopher Columbus was a great explorer, but Hardy says there’s another side to him that most kids in school never hear about in their history class.

“He was really just like a terrorist," Hardy said. Hardy says Christopher Columbus is not a person that Americans should admire and respect. “I certainly have an issue with someone who was a really brutal guy, even for his time, being honored and I certainly don’t want us to hold a holiday after him," Hardy said. Americans observe Columbus Day on the second Monday in October each year and a number of cities celebrate with parades.

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