Lamborghini Tried To Break Into The Military Market With Its G.I. Joe Toy Looking "Cheetah"

Mar 29, 2019 446

When you hear Lamborghini and the 1970s in the same sentence, you probably think about the origins of the iconic Countach luxury sports car. What you might not know is that, just three years after introducing the Countach, the Italian car maker went in a completely different direction, developing an off-road vehicle called the Cheetah that looks like it could have had a starring role in the cult-classic Death Race 2000. Able to carry machine guns or TOW anti-tank missiles, the company even tried to pitch it to the U.S. military.

Lamborghini publicly unveiled the futuristic-looking Cheetah at the 1977 Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. Mobility Technology International (MTI), situated in San Jose, California, had developed the vehicle under contract to the Italian firm. The 4x4 vehicle featured a dune buggy-like design with an open center area with a simple roll cage to protect the occupants.

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