The largest urban vineyard in Europe is in Brescia: showcasing a rare grape

Jul 08, 2024 123

BY: Carlotta Sanviti

Emanuele Rabotti, the owner of the renowned Monte Rossa winery in Franciacorta, loves challenges. During the peak of the COVID pandemic, he decided to revive the Pusterla vineyard, highlighting its historical and winemaking heritage. The vineyard’s origins date back to 1037 when the royal monastery of Santa Giulia cultivated grapes on the slopes of Colle Cidneo, in Brescia's historic center.

Over the centuries, the vineyard has gone through various vicissitudes, changing ownership and experiencing periods of abandonment. However, its winemaking vocation has never faded. From 2011 until 2020, the vineyard was managed by Maria Capretti before passing the baton to the owner of Monte Rossa, who fell in love with its history. The context in which this vineyard grows is unique: it boasts vines from the original stock, aged between 80 and 100 years.

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