Laura Caparrotti: When Doing Italian Theatre Becomes a Mission

Nov 03, 2015 508

Laura Caparrotti tells her story seated on a rooftop between Broadway and 5th Avenue with the enchanting, flawless voice that could only belong to a theatre actress. Born in Rome, she got her degree in Theatre History before going on to work with artists such Dario Fo, Annie Girardot, Elsa Wolliaston. Then, after about ten years, she decided that Italia couldn't provide all the things (enormous and delicate) that were tugging at her inside.

So she moved to New York and soon understood that her own country, once too tight a fit for her, could instead be an enormous resource for her, something she could bring to the pubic as something precious, something that, to paraphrase Dario Fo, could create a crack to drive certainty into a crisis. Today, she directs KIT-Kairos Itay Theatre Inc. (founded in 2000), a company dedicated to bringing italian culture to the world at large.

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