Lessons from the Bella 'Mbriana

Feb 04, 2016 851

Naples is a very old place and has many legends and spirits associated with it. Of the two most famous spirits in Naples, the bella 'Mbriana is certainly the more positive one. The other is Munaciello, a much darker and frightening entity that I intend to write about some time in the future. The two are often mentioned together when the topic of Neapolitan ghosts or spirits arises.

I have found the customs surrounding the bella 'Mbriana to be more than just quaint, they seem to be similar to at least two different pagan Roman traditions and the more I thought about her, the deeper her meaning became. Said to be a princess that became extremely distraught due to an unhappy love affair, she would wander the city like a lost soul.

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Source: Magna Grece


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