Let’s Talk Food: A foodie in Tuscany

Dec 02, 2019 329

Last year, when the boys asked my husband, Jim, where he would like to go this year for his birthday, without hesitation he said Tuscany. He had great memories of the region, where we celebrated his 70th birthday in Florence a few years ago with the three boys. Unfortunately, son Dean could not join us this time, as he is busy with his catering business, as well as being a father of two very young children.

Son Neil started to plan a year ago to find the best location to stay. He chose Siena. Siena is in central Tuscany, with medieval brick buildings. It is smaller and less crowded than Florence.The main town is up a hill, which we either went up with the bus or taxi.


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SOURCE: https://www.hawaiitribune-herald.com

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