Liliana Segre: An Italian Story of the Holocaust

Oct 03, 2022 665

Special Holocaust Series: “If you are not indifferent, things can be different.” Tuesday, October 18 at 7 pm. Casa Belvedere, The Italian Cultural Foundation | 79 Howard Ave., Staten Island, NY. Liliana Segre: An Italian Story of the Holocaust. An in-person and virtual event. Presented by Francesco Bonavita, Ph.D. Register for in-person here. Register for virtual here.

This presentation focuses on the story of Liliana Segre, an Italian Jew who was deported to Auschwitz in the winter of 1944, at age 13. Although Liliana’s family had Jewish ancestry, it did not practice Judaism. Her family had a solid middle- class standard of living in city of Milan. Like many Italian Jews, the Segre household could not have remotely imagined the horrific consequences that were unleashed from the 1938 Racial Laws enacted by the Nazi and Fascist regimes, which radically transformed its life.

Liliana Segre is a survivor of the Holocaust and for almost a half a century she was unable to talk about her experience at Auschwitz. She finally emerged as a credible witness in her book: La Memoria rende liberi, which brings to the fore a chilling account of crimes committed against humanity, not seen since Primo Levi’s classical testimony.

SOURCE: Casa Belvedere

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