Little Italies: the Impact and Importance of Italian Language, Heritage, and Culture in the U.S.

Feb 17, 2021 1509

BY: Nicolino Applauso PhD

I am pleased to announce the 2021 Italian Week organized by myself and the Italian division at Loyola University Maryland that will be held virtually on ZOOM from February 21 to 25. The topic this year is Little Italies: the Impact and Importance of Italian Language, Heritage, and Culture in the U.S. 

Our own Dr. Marc De Simone from Baltimore will present on Thursday evening @ 7 p.m. with other prominent members of Little Italies around the country (Including discussions on Little Italies in Baltimore, Philadelphia and San Francisco). We also have a fun family feud game on Wednesday with the Italian Club, as well as a movie on Monday presented by myself!

Thank you very much for spreading the word! I hope you can attend some of these events.  


ITALIAN WEEK: “Little Italies: The impact and importance of Italian language, heritage, and culture in the United States”


Sunday, February 21

Online Mass in Italian at the church of Our Lady of Pompei. Celebrant: Father Giuliano Gargiulo

Use this link: 11:00 AM


Monday, February 22

Movie Night: Do The Right Thing by Spike Lee, 1989

Spike Lee on Italian-American and African American community relations in Brooklyn in the 1980s and 1990s. Presenter: Dr. Nicolino Applauso

Join Zoom link: 7:00 PM


Wednesday, February 24

Italian Club presents: Little Italies in the US: Family Feud Online Presentation and Game
Join Zoom link: 8:00 PM


Thursday, February 25

Round Table: Music in Little Italies: Baltimore, Philadelphia, San Francisco.

The presenters are people who have been involved in the musical life of their “Little Italies” their entire lives:
Sheri Mignano-Crawford from San Francisco, CA
Norman Calapristi-Giorno from Philadelphia, PA
Marc DeSimone from Baltimore, MD
Moderator: Dr. Paul Oorts

To attend this event, please use this Zoom link. 7:00 PM

SOURCE: Applauso Italian Learning Center LLC

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