Little Italy house named Centennial Home

Jul 08, 2021 481

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE BOGGIO - ALCARAZ FAMILY! Their Little Italy home was christened Sunday as a CENTENNIAL HOME (1920-2021) by Baltimore Heritage, Inc., meaning it has been occupied by the same family for 100 years. Mary Ann Boggio Alcaraz, a Saint Leo's parishioner, was born in this Stiles Street house and still resides there with her husband Ray.

In that house they have raised two children, Ray & Michelle, and often host their seven grandchildren. Ray Alcaraz (son) is the co-founder of Promotion Center for Little Italy, Baltimore and a St. Leo's parishioner. The vintage photo shows Mary Ann's parents, Clementina Scagnelli Boggio (whose Italian immigrant parents also lived in the house) and Romualdo "Romeo" Boggio, who arrived in America from Piemonte, Italy in 1912 through Ellis Island.

SOURCE: Promotion Center for Little Italy, Baltimore

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