Little Italy Welcomes High and Low Winery and Bistro, Which Opens Today

Nov 02, 2021 274

BY: Douglas Trattner

As of today, November 1, the Little Italy neighborhood boasts a new winery and bistro. Located on the ground floor of La Collina residential development at 12304 Mayfield Road, High & Low (844-466-4456) is an offshoot of a six-year-old operation of the same name in Medina-Montrose. “We were very familiar with Little Italy,” says owner Matt Snyder. “I used to work downtown and spent a lot of time there.

My wife went to Case and lived in the area. So it was an obvious choice, along with the fact that there's such a vibrancy and energy that only has been increasing.” Snyder oversees a wine program that utilizes grapes grown both locally and in California to produce a range of wines from sweet to dry. Those wines (and only those wines) are sold at both shops as well as a few select retail outlets. Wine flights are served on trays made from Italian license plates. 

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