Local Flavor: DeVitis Italian Market in Akron has a perfect Italian sub and food for dinner

Nov 03, 2021 542


I wish there was a Planet Fitness-like "no judgement zone" for sub and hoagie connoisseurs like me. I'm just a simple, humble plain ol' Italian sub or hoagie kind of guy. The simpler the better. My love of subs and hoagies started in the most unlikely of places and this is where the "no judgement" thing kicks in.

My first memory of eating an Italian sub was at Kmart. Now this was long before the fancy Super K with its wide aisles and deli cases full of prepared sandwiches and food. Back in the 1970s, my local Kmart had a simple snack bar that served up just popcorn and frozen Cokes and Italian subs, of all things. And this was long before the stores stayed open for 24 hours.

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SOURCE: https://eu.beaconjournal.com/

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