Local Profile: Christopher Paluso – Illustrated Sports

Dec 05, 2013 1119

by Andrew Bagley

Everything happens in the perfect time space sequence. Ask local artist and illustrator Christopher Paluso. He is an example that somehow one thing leads to another occurring miraculously at just the right time. Reviewing his life experience is an attestation to this phenomenon. Chris wouldn't be here today in America if it were not for his grandfather.

During the early 1900s in Modica, Sicily, Chris' grandfather, an orphan and young man at the time, worked on a relative's potato farm. He became smitten by a local girl in town and as with tradition went to the family to ask their permission for her hand. They responded no, being told, "You can't marry her because her older sister is not married. If you want one of my daughters you have to take her" and that is who he married.

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