Lorenzo Donadio is unfazed, unafraid and undeterred: he just wants to play basketball

Oct 07, 2021 231

BY: Ben Morse

Most freshmen athletes have the typical first-year jitters adjusting to the pace and style of a college basketball game, but American University sophomore guard Lorenzo Donadio had to adjust during a once-in-a-century pandemic. The entire experience was atypical, Donadio said. 

“Last season was the hardest one that I’ve ever had,” Donadio said. “We didn't have a preseason, so it made it hard to learn how to move or play the way coach [Brennan] wants.” Donadio lived alone in an apartment his freshman year due to COVID-19 safety protocols. While Donadio said his teammates supported him and helped integrate him into the team, the season was still a struggle.

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SOURCE: https://www.theeagleonline.com

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