Lucca finds new niche with sauce, pasta to eat at home

Jun 21, 2018 493

The success that Lucca in downtown Canton has realized since 2011 has its owner, Josh Schory, over the moon with joy. On his way back to earth, he formed a new idea, and it seems to be just another success. "We have been looking for a new direction, a new outlet," said Schory. "We have been making our own fresh pasta for about seven years now, and decided to try and sell it."

Successfully so. I recently had Lucca's pappardelle pasta with meat sauce. I had to force myself to stop eating, but it was not easy. I come from a family that made its own pasta, so when I tell you the fresh pasta noodles were good, trust me, they were. The meat sauce is equally delicious. Neither tried to overcome the other.  They were a perfect blend.

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