Luisa Ranieri: A Contemporary Classic

Jan 09, 2022 851

Paolo Sorrentino’s “The Hand of God” has advanced to the short list in the 2022 Oscar race. The film is available stateside on Netflix. One of the stars of the film is actress Luisa Ranieri as the eccentric, troubled Aunt Patrizia, the Italian actress Luisa Ranieri. Born in Naples in 1973, Ranieri hit the ground running, finding her break out film just two years after starting her acting career.

That project, a made for television movie on the life of Maria Callas in which she played the starring role, immediately made her one of the country’s most popular actresses. After numerous supporting roles in both television and film, Ranieri scored the title role in Lodovico Gasparini’s 2016 miniseries “Luisa Spagnoli,” giving her another opportunity to portray a deeply complex character.

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