Maggio Cipriani On Expanding His Family’s Empire, While Maintaining The Cipriani Legacy

Oct 09, 2018 443


In 1931, Harry’s Bar opened along a canal off Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy: Giuseppe Cipriani’s dream of creating an establishment where clients were held in high regard and treated like kings and queens came to life. Fast-forward to 70 years later in 2001 and Harry’s Bar received the high honor of becoming a national landmark, as deemed by the Italian Ministry for Cultural Affairs.

Fast-forward even further to present day, and in comes fourth-generation Cipriani family member, Maggio Cipriani, who’s now running the show. The young entrepreneur has taken his family legacy and expanded it, where Cipriani is now opening in places like Las Vegas and even Moscow. As Haute Living sits down with Maggio, he discusses the growing family business, specific upcoming projects and even his favorite Cipriani dishes.

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