The Magic, Global Craze and Tradition of Panini's World Cup Sticker Albums

Jun 13, 2018 314

BY: Luis Miguel Echegaray and Charlotte Carroll

Welcome to the wonderful world of Panini World Cup sticker albums, a cultural, soccer tradition that spans more than 50 years, attracting and creating millions of soccer fans around the globe. Since Panini formed a partnership with FIFA and published the first album as part of the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, the multi-generational phenomenon of collecting and trading stickers has become a vital part of the tournament’s experience.

When you’re a collector, albums are treated like heirloom pieces, and every four years, people congregate in their homes, neighborhoods–and now online–to form a unique bond of sticker trading. Having originated in Italy by two brothers in 1961, the world of Panini has grown into a global love affair with collecting and trading stickers of World Cup teams and their players. 

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