Massachusetts pols slink away from Columbus Day

Oct 07, 2021 445

BY: Joe Battenfeld

Massachusetts politicians and Boston’s mayoral candidates who used to scramble for a front row spot in Columbus Day parades are now slinking away from the holiday faster than you can say “Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria.” The October holiday, revered among Italian Americans, is now a pariah thanks to an effort by liberal groups and Native American groups to vilify Columbus and replace him with a holiday honoring Native Americans.

Boston Acting Mayor Kim Janey delivered the latest blow, signing on Wednesday a proclamation to make the second weekend in October “Indigenous Peoples Day.” Other communities around Massachusetts have passed similar acts. Boston mayoral front-runner Michelle Wu, who has marched in past Columbus Day parades, but is now staking out territory as the most “woke” candidate in the race, did not respond to a request for comment on what holiday she plans to honor. The annual Columbus Day parade in Boston was canceled this year.

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