Mauro Perucchetti Confronts the World with His Art

Sep 19, 2015 1544

by Nanci Casas

The De Re Gallery debuted Mauro Perucchetti's Pop Fiction exhibition on Thursday, September 10th in West Hollywood. Mauro and his stunning wife Lorena Perucchetti, who is also his PR manager, both arrived elegantly dressed and accessorized with miniature pieces of Mauro's artwork in the form of necklaces.

With Peroni Nastro Azzuro as sponsor, the night was filled with special guests including esteemed art critic Peter Frank, actresses Marie Cleopa, Jessie McLauchlan, Melia Kreiling, actors Blake Cooper Griffen, Carson Kelley and many more. Filling the ambiance with energetic music, DJ Kate set the mood for a classy and enjoyable night. Mauro and the gallery owner Steph Sebbag courteously welcomed everyone and posed for entertaining pictures.

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