May your belly be full, your cup runneth over: Amici’s brings fine Italian to Waynesville

Feb 22, 2021 176

BY: Garret K. Woodward

It’s 8:45 a.m. and 28 degrees outside of Amici’s in the Hazelwood neighborhood of Waynesville. The sidewalk has been shoveled, while the roof of the fine Italian restaurant is still covered in a fresh blanket of snow that had fallen the night before. 

Sitting at a table in the dining room is Amici’s owner Mary Anne Perrone, going through the books and food orders, making sure everything is in order before she unlocks the front door. Just around the corner in the kitchen is Frankie Perrone (Mary Anne’s father), prepping the countless ingredients for the day’s intricate dishes and impending customers.


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