Meet the pizza tycoons: An oral history of 3 family-owned pizzerias in metro Phoenix

Dec 03, 2019 328

BY: Lauren Saria

Phoenix is rich in pizza. The sprawling metropolis is home not only to the world's most famous pizza maker, but also legions of talented pizzaiolos slinging everything from Neapolitan-style pies and Chicago deep-dish to the thin-crusted, Provel-covered creation beloved in St. Louis and pinsa, the ancient Roman dish that's almost pizza but not quite.

Even the world's largest pizza company knows how much the Valley loves 'za. In October, Pizza Hut chose a single Phoenix store to test its latest innovations: a round box and plant-based pizza topping, both of which sold out in one day.  Though Phoenix is rich in pizza, it's poor in pizza lore.

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