Michael Imperioli talks 'Sopranos’ with Steve Schirripa, Vincent Pastore at Borgata

Oct 23, 2021 1143

BY: Chuck Darrow

Since the 1999 premiere of The Sopranos, HBO’s game-changing mob series, it’s been an article of faith that it was the tale of two families: Protagonist Tony Soprano’s actual family, and the one he oversaw as the boss of a North Jersey Mafia crew. But according to Michael Imperioli, who portrayed Tony’s tempestuous, ill-fated nephew Christopher Moltisanti, that estimate misses by half.

Instead, he confirmed during a recent phone chat, there’s not only a third family involved, but it exists in real life: The one comprised of many members of the show’s ensemble. “It’s fair to say that,” said Imperioli, who, along with Steve Schirripa (“Bobby ‘Bacala’ Boccalieri) and Vincent Pastore (“Salvatore ‘Big Pussy’ Bompensiero”) checks into Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa Oct. 30 for a program dubbed In Conversation with The Sopranos.

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