Mike Piazza honored by the Mets with 'Piazza Drive' now leading up to Clover Field

Jan 18, 2020 623

BY: John Evenson

Mike Piazza took the first drive down the street named after him on Thursday, while participants from Mets fantasy camp cheered him on down Piazza Drive leading up to the also newly named Clover Park. Piazza, who the Mets aquired from the Marlins, and spent 8 years in 'the Big Apple' from 1998 to 2005. got emotional when looking up who Saint Lucie actually was.

"St. Lucie was an Italian saint (from Sicily)," explained Piazza as he tried to hold back tears. "(Which is very meaningful) with my father being Sicilian. I wish he was here to see this because he's been such an inspiration in my career. He's not doing well health wise, but he called me this morning, and wanted to wish me the best."

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SOURCE: https://cbs12.com

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