Mira Sorvino

Jul 09, 2019 445

BY: Glauco Ferrari

Pretty, a bit naïve, dated Quentin Tarantino, Mira Sorvino may not exactly seem like Harvard material… This perception could not be more wrong and this woman is anything but the bimbo made famous by Hollywood. She is in fact a Harvard graduate and is fluent in Mandarin and French, much more than can be said for many of her fellow actors. On the top of this, she has won an Oscar for her performance in “Mighty Aphrodite“, in which Woody Allen saw in her his muse. This is a CV that would make many of her colleagues jealous.

Mira is of course the daughter of famous character actor Paul Sorvino, who we all loved in his amazing performance as Paulie in Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece “Goodfellas”. Acting is in her blood, and despite choosing to pursue her studies on a year abroad in China, against her father’s wishes, it was her destiny, and Hollywood has opened its doors to her.

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