Monte Grappa among the Unesco wonders: it is officially a "Biosphere Reserve".

Sep 16, 2021 282

After two years of negotiations, the Intergovernmental Council of UNESCO has inscribed the territory of "Monte Grappa" in the List of UNESCO MAB Biosphere Reserves. The works of the Intergovernmental Council of the UNESCO MAB Program started on Monday 13th and will continue throughout the week.

The Italian delegation, led by Professor Pier Luigi Petrillo, president of the National Technical Committee MAB UNESCO, with the presence of the Italian Ambassador to UNESCO, Massimo Riccardo, at the time of the proclamation expressed great satisfaction for this recognition that confirms that it is possible and proper to ensure the welfare of communities and economic development through the preservation of ecosystem values.

Monte Grappa is the 20th Italian MAB/UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. After years of negotiations led by Professor Petrillo, the Intergovernmental Council of the UNESCO MAB Program has been unanimously convinced of the absolute quality and uniqueness of the candidacy of "Monte Grappa" coming to emphasize, in the final decision taken today, as the site of "Monte Grappa" is a "laboratory of concrete and innovative ideas" in crucial areas such as circular economy and sustainable mobility, in full compliance with the objectives of sustainable development of the UN Agenda 2030.

For the evaluators, the new MAB Reserve represents a "bio-ecological bridge" between the Po Valley and the south-eastern Alps, a point of union-division and, therefore, of balance and exchange between climates, ecosystems, cultures and economies.

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