Moonlight over Tuscany

Oct 28, 2018 621

Sunday November 11, 3 pm. EDT, Garibaldi Meucci Museum · 420 Tompkins Avenue · Staten Island, NY 10305. John Anselmo Book Presentation, "Moonlight over Tuscany". "What happens in Tuscany, stays in Tuscany." "Oh, really? Well that is what Marissa Dodd's tells her just before she is about to depart for a Tuscan cooking school in the summer of 2014. In essence, he is giving her a free pass to have a mid-life fling during her three weeks of cooking classes, emphasizing that she will be more that 4,000 miles away, so whatever might happen would't really hurt him.

The attractive forty-three-year-old former book editor, already an excellent cook, is seeking to perfect her culinary skills and intends to write and Italian cookbook. She is not interested in having a fling. Yet, she toon discovers that romance is unavoidable because italy truly is a "romantic place". All is well and good until there is a murder at the school and she becomes one of the prime suspects.

John Anselmo grew up in the heart of New York's Little Italy. He is a proud graduate of Stuyvesant High School and Columbia University, where he majored in civil engineering. He rekindled his passion for writing about ten years ago. His first book The Newsstand, is a coming of age novel set in Little Italy.

SOURCE: Garibaldi Meucci Museum

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