Morris Adjmi references Italianate tenements in The Grand Mulberry

Dec 25, 2023 778

BY: Almas Sadique

Infrastructural renderings that reference historical entities, almost always manage to cast a deeper impact than architecture designed to fulfil a hedonistic image. It is, after all, these references and details that humanise stoic edifices. Infusing architecture with such details becomes even more pertinent when designing structures within neighbourhoods that already carry a distinguishing stylistic language and identity.

Not doing so would result in the construction of an anomalous structure that would appear out of place and enhance the pervasive alienation that one experiences in urban agglomerates. Morris Adjmi, a contemporary architect who pays special attention to the contextual vocabulary when designing structures, recently designed and built The Grand Mulberry, a twenty-condominium residential building located in the heart of Little Italy.

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