The most Potteresque corner of Rome, the Quartiere Coppedè

Nov 20, 2020 176

BY: Francesca Bezzone

What they say about  Rome is true: a lifetime wouldn’t suffice to learn all there is to learn about her, nor to see all there is to see. Of course there are other cities in the world, and in Italy of course, where art, culture and history left deep marks of their  passage and presence, but no place — and I am sure you’ll agree with me — compares to Rome for the importance, the  history-changing and culture-forming nature and what we can see strolling in her streets. 

And so it happens that a place so special, quirky and beautiful it’d be a main attraction in any other city, gets almost lost in the overwhelming “plenty” of our capital’s artistic and cultural patrimony: I am talking  about the quartiere Coppedè. 

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