Mott Foundation Celebrates 20th Anniversary to Confer 129 Academic Scholarships

Sep 11, 2021 378

The John R. Mott Scholarship Foundation, Inc. of Washington, D.C., Board of Directors is pleased to announce that it has chosen to award university scholarships to 129 students this year from a pool of over 300 applicants.

The Foundation is named for its founder, Giovanni Motta, who was born in Serra D’Aiello (CZ), Italy. Mr. Mott emigrated to the United States with this family in the early 20th century, attended university, and established a successful business.

The Foundation board members are proud that since 2001 they have been able to successfully meet Mr. Mott’s goal of helping to educate the children of many Calabrian families and to assist other worthy activities of which he would have approved.

In the last 20 years, a total of 2,221 scholarships have been awarded to deserving students to pursue their university educations. In addition to university scholarships, the Foundation also has provided assistance in other ways, such as: Funding for over 250 students enrolled in an EASL (English as a Second Language) program; Funding for the Banda Musicale of Serra D’Aiello which has won praise for its excellence; Assistance with needs of Serra D’Aiello Church of San Martino Vescova; Funding the purchase of 2 ventilators to help deal with the coronavirus epidemic and donating them to the Annunziata Public Hospital of Cosenza.

The John R. Mott Foundation looks forward to continuing the good work that it was created to do.

The John R. Mott Scholarship Foundation works to give back to the region in Italy where its namesake was born, and from which he and his parents emigrated. The Foundation provides much-needed scholarships to deserving young people in the region of Calabria, the ancestral home of so many Italian Americans. More information at: 

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