Museo Costantiniano della Steccata

Aug 05, 2022 79

THIS MUSEUM TELLS THE HISTORY and treasures of the Knights of the Constantinian Order of San Giorgio, owners of the church most loved by the citizens of Parma. Among the exhibits, is an exceptional relic of the French Revolution.

The Constantinian Order of St. George, whose first official testimony dates back to 1551, boasts an ancient genesis: the Militia of Emperor Constantine I, founded in 312. Acquired in 1698 by the Duke of Parma Francesco Farnese, the prestigious dynastic order in 1718 found its home in the basilica of Santa Maria della Steccata. Transferred to Naples by Duke Charles of Bourbon, it was refounded in Parma in 1816 by Duchess Maria Luisa of Habsburg-Lorraine.

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