'My Cousin Vinny' still a classic comedy 25 years after release

Mar 10, 2017 2359

March 13 marks the 25th anniversary of a film that’s considered one of the most accurate interpretations of courtroom procedure, “My Cousin Vinny.” The movie is used as a tool to demonstrate voir dire and cross-examination to young lawyers and has been praised by law professors, authors and circuit court judges.

But instead of an intense court drama or who-done-it thriller, “My Cousin Vinny” delivers an insanely hilarious tongue-in-cheek courtroom comedy that even the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia enjoyed. The movie starts with Billy Gambini and Stan Rothenstein, played by Ralph Macchio and Mitchell Whitfield, two New York college students who accidently shoplift a can of tuna from an Alabama convenience store.

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SOURCE: http://eastfieldnews.com

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