"The Mystique of Every Italian Gal"

Sep 30, 2017 904

October 5 (Thursday) 6:30 pm. "The Mystique of Every Italian Gal" - The Italian American Museum - 155 Mulberry Street, (at the corner of Grand St.), Manhattan. Admission: $10 suggested donation; open to the public. Contact: [email protected] or 718-938-1789

Authors Catherine Gigante-Brown (Volossal Publishing) and Dolores DeLuce (Double Delinquent Press) will be reading excerpts from their works in a very special event entitled "The Mystique of Every Italian Gal." What exactly is "The Italian Gal Mystique"? It's the unspoken, familiar bond, common language and experiences that Italian Gals everywhere share. DeLuce and Gigante-Brown will delve into the commonalities Italian American women have because of their similar backgrounds and common histories. Light refreshments will be served.

SOURCE: John D. Calandra Italian American Institute

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