Napoli's Italian Restaurant in Marion offers authentic cuisine

Feb 12, 2018 456

Napoli's Italian Ristorante owners prepare old-world recipes with a modern twist and were chosen by customers in 2017 as having the best Italian food. When brothers Johnny and Gony Qerimi began their Marion family-owned, fine-dining establishment at 500 Marion Blvd. seven years ago on Valentine's Day, they looked to their deep Sicilian roots when making a reasonably priced menu. It contains original family recipe dishes, such as the ever-popular chicken marsala made with fresh portabella mushrooms, along with desserts like tiramisu and cr�me br�lee. "If you cannot afford to go to Italy, you can come here," Johnny said.

Johnny spends his early morning hours in Napoli's kitchen creating pastries, while Gony prepares to make regular and gluten-free kinds of pasta and secret recipe sauces handed down to them from their father and grandfather, with a few adaptations. These made-from-scratch tastes, including their one-of-a-kind specialty house dressing and main dishes (and desserts), made with imported Kalamata olives from Greece, three kinds of Parmesan cheese and healthy oil from Italy, is what sets Napoli's apart from the rest. "This is real Italian food," Johnny said.

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